Camp Tohiglo Preteen Week

Every summer, we have the privilege of getting to serve at our Camp in Mercersburg, PA.  We host 11-12 year old students at an overnight camp for a week.  It is a load of fun, but it is also more importantly, a blast to see how God works in the hearts of students.  This summer will be no different.  We can't wait until July!!

2019 Theme- "POWER UP"

Power Up reveals the power God's children have through Him! Students come to truly understand that:

  • God wants us to know Him through His word
  • God sent Jesus to save us
  • God sent the Holy Spirit to save us
  • We can help others know God

Theme Verse:

2 Peter 1:3- "God's power has given us everything we need to lead a godly life."

2019 Activity Form

CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT YOUR ACTIVITY FORM after you have recieved your acceptance letter or otherwise instructed to do so by the Camp Dean or his staff.