Our Past

Rev. F. H. Snavely was appointed by the Churches of God of North America to begin a Church in Hagerstown in 1925. Prayer meetings were held by Reverends Snavely, Bowers, Harry and John Gonzo, and Jacob Carter to ask for God’s direction in starting a Church. Public worship was begun in April 1926 in an unfinished second floor room in the old Vivian Hotel across from the library on Summit Avenue. Later property was purchased at the present location and a 60x110 foot tent was erected. Revival services were held from July to November of 1926. The Church was organized with 47 charter members on October 4, 1926. People donated the money to buy the property. Rev. Snavely paid $800.00 for straw and folding chairs used in the tent meetings. The congregation met in a rented room for over two years while money was raised and the worship center was constructed. The building was dedicated on March 17, 1929. Over the years the buildings and ministries have grown with the congregation and the need of the community.  

The Church withdrew from the denomination to become Hagerstown Bible Chruch in 1966. An arsonist threatened the ministry with a fire in 1969. But the people rallied to rebuild the damaged building to be better than it had been before. Indeed, the desire of the congregation for the Lord and to carry out His ministry through our Church increased.  

The real story of this Church is people. God forgave people of their sins, gave them new purpose and direction, helped them to overcome sorrows and dependencies, and establish new habits of godliness. Hundreds and possibly thousands have come to trust in Jesus for eternal life. Several generations have been raised in the faith. Dozens have gone into ministry. The Sunday School, summer camps, a Christian school, the pregnancy center and world missions have gotten the message of Jesus and the truth of the Word of God to thousands of people. People committed to our Church have prayed, worked, and given. God has blessed their sacrifice and answered their prayers.

Our Future

Our mission today is to produce fully committed followers of Jesus Christ. We have seen God at work in recent years in and through our church, and are seeking Him to guide us in the future.  Would you join in praying, working and giving to carry this out with a new generation of people?